Assisting a Global Snacking Company’s Agricultural Endeavors

Client Overview:

A renowned global snacking company, with a dedicated research center in Indonesia, envisioned a significant agricultural project in their pipeline.

The Challenge

Facing the uncertainties posed by the El Niño phenomenon, the client sought precise climate outlooks for the upcoming months to circumvent potential agricultural losses.

Our Approach

Leveraging our cutting-edge climate intelligence, we embarked on an AI-enabled climate forecasting journey. Furthermore, we committed to providing expert services for a continuous span of 10 months, ensuring consistent and accurate climate insights.

Climate Intelligence
AI-enabled climate forecasting
Risk Assessment
Avoid risk caused by El-Nino Phenomenon

The Journey

While the client’s team, consisting of data analysts and the head of operations, was rightfully concerned about the El Niño phenomenon, our climate intelligence was geared up to predict such climatic shifts. Given just a day to initialize the forecast, we not only met the tight deadline but also succeeded in predicting the monsoonal climate trends with the help of AI-enhanced solutions.


Our timely and precise climate intelligence doubled the speed of the client’s risk assessment processes, empowering them with actionable insights to make informed decisions.

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