Increasing Clients Engagement &
Employees' Productivity

Deliver Customized Maps as Integrated Services

for Your Clients or Customers

Engage Your Clients with High Accessibility Maps

Interactive maps bring new experiences to improve engagement of your clients or customers.

Mobile Friendly

Customized Maps Style

3D Building

Own Basemap

Rich Data Format Supported Improving Employees' Productivity

As employees’ flexibility to upload data with common extension, no need to manually converting thousands of data.




Raster (.tif)


Common Format in Your Organization

Public needs fast and accurate information. Automation is the solution and Circlegeo experienced with it

Head of Public & Data Information, Government Data Stakeholder

Featured Solutions

Data Integration

Task Automation

Report Generator

Advance Geo Analysis

Advance Geo

More Efficient By
Automate Your Tasks

Employees’ time is valuable. Stop recurring activity such as maps and data processing with reliable automation. Monitor everywhere & everytime.

Data Scraper

Data Processing

Report generator (.pdf or .png)


Saving Employees' Time to Mapping Bucks of Datas

Integrate your business or external data automatically 

External Data API (CRM, BI, Fleet, IoT, etc)

GIS Data from Your Organization

Geo Climate Data

Location Data from Your Organization or Your Clients

Easy Manage Your Assets,
Improve Assets Security with Risk Analysis

What is Risk Analysis?

Risk Analysis is a proven way of identifying and assessing factors that could negatively affect the success of a business or assets. 

How Circlegeo Help to Mapping Your Assets Security?

Our platform help business to find the risk of thousand assets based on location and analyze earth disaster vulnerability automatically. Circlegeo use Geo Climate data query to deliver decision support for your business decision. Geo Climate Data is historical disaster data in Indonesia from 2002 to 2021 (sources: BNPB)




Volcanic Eruption